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Cancellation Policy

The ability to change or cancel an air ticket, or another product or service and the terms and conditions governing such change or cancellation depend on the terms and conditions laid down by the supplier in each such case, and airtickets® has no influence over these situations.

Any costs which may arise in the case of a change or cancellation of a travel service which is specified in the terms and conditions laid down by each supplier shall be paid by the user alone.

Where the supplier grants the user the right to cancel or change the product or service selected, the user is obliged to inform airtickets® in writing whether he/she wishes to cancel or change the service, otherwise airtickets® may not cancel or change any booking.

Before making any booking the user is obliged to read and agree to the rules and restrictions.

Where the user makes a booking and the trip is then changed or cancelled, airtickets® will change or cancel the booking free of charge. Where the ticket or voucher has been issued and a change or cancellation is made to the trip, airtickets® will change or cancel the booking in line with the supplier's terms and conditions. Any charges applied will be the same as those which are applied by all travel agencies depending on the time of cancellation.

Notwithstanding any terms and conditions on the cancellation - changing of fares, the charges applied by airtickets® (service charges) shall be computed in accordance with the points made below:
  • Change in domestic or international fare: 75 $/ticket
  • Cancellation of domestic or international fare: 75 $/ticket
Customers shall be obliged to contact airtickets® about any change / cancellation of hotels or other services before taking any steps.

Services charges for cancelling / changing any service are in line with market norms.
The commission paid when the service was purchased will not be returned in the event of cancellation.
Where cancellations take place due to the supplier’s fault, no cancellation fees will be applied and airtickets® will not impose service charges.